Medical/Surgical - Swing Bed Unit

The Medical/Surgical unit specializes in the care of patients whose medical or surgical conditions require hospitalization and the expertise and care of physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals.

Swing Bed

When a patient's condition and care needs no longer require acute hospital care but they are not yet ready to go home or to another care setting, they may be admitted to the hospital's Swing Bed Program. When admitted to this program, each patient will have a comprehensive treatment plan developed by such services as physical and/or occupational therapy, pharmacy, nursing, social services, and dietetics that is overseen and coordinated by a physician. The patient and their family are encouraged to be active participants in this plan. During their stay patients will also be offered therapeutic recreational activities tailored to their individual interests.

Meet Our Department

The Medical/Surgical-Swing Bed team consists of physicians and nurses who work together with a wide array of other healthcare professionals to ensure that you will receive treatment and care that's individualized to your unique needs.

Using advanced diagnostic and monitoring technology, a computerized medical record, and the skills and expertise of each member of the team, we will work together to ensure that you receive the Best Care, Right Here.

Our Care for You

From admission through discharge, our goal is to ensure that you have an excellent patient care experience. Your recovery, safety, and satisfaction are our highest priority.

We commit to you and your family that we will:

Provide you with the highest standards of quality medical/surgical care

Respect your rights to effective pain management, privacy, confidentiality, and self-determination

Provide an environment that is supportive of you and your family and loved ones

Put you at the center of all we do!



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