Donations and Community Support

Your donation or gift to Atchison Hospital is a tax deductible, charitable contribution. It's a contribution that can make a difference not just today, but for generations to come. At Atchison hospital, we welcome all gifts- and provide you with timely documentation of your donation to us. There are many ways to help- monetary gifts, bequests, and legacy opportunities. Please contact our Marketing and Development Director, TC Roberts at 913-360-5577 or via email at, for more information on how to make a gift to help us carry out our mission.

You can give your donation online if you wish by clicking here.

Atchison Hospital is a not for-profit 501 (c) 3 hospital, that's community owned and locally governed by a volunteer board. We've been granted our not-for-profit status because we provide health care to the public - which the federal government considers an 'essential community service' - and we re-invest all of our net income into our hospital and the communities we serve, rather than distributing it to individual owners or shareholders.

Our greatest challenge in a small community is the difficulty of raising adequate money to fund infrastructure and keep pace with technological advancements. As our community's only hospital, we bear the cost of continually improving not only the quality of care for our patients, but also assuring that there is access to care for the elderly, the poor and the uninsured. Atchison Hospital provides thousands of dollars in charity care and uncompensated care each year. And we work with individuals and families who have healthcare bills and need a payment plan that works for their family.

Our Focus is Long Term, and Your Involvement is Appreciated

Because Atchison Hospital operates as a not-for-profit hospital, we are sensitive to our charitable mission, which is the long term improvement of the quality of life in our community. This means that we focus on the prevention of disease as well as its treatment. We reach outside the walls of our hospital and provide clinics in rural areas, and access to visiting specialists, as well as support groups and classes. We continually strive to find new ways to keep people healthy and ways to return them to health more quickly after injury or illness.

With a 94 year history of community involvement, Atchison regularly supports programs and activities that improve the quality of life outside our hospital walls. Each year, we sponsor a community wide Health Fair to bring free screening and health education to our town. We assist with the annual Earth Day Clean Up, and sponsor an annual production of Theater Atchison, to assure our community has fine arts programming for children from all economic backgrounds.

We support our schools, our YMCA, our local historical festivals, and provide emergency medical services to numerous enjoyable events throughout the year. Our employees give generously each year to the Atchison United Way. Because of our proud heritage of caring for our community for nearly a century, we are equally sensitive to preparing for the future. Our stewardship obligation means we must look ahead, and leave a continued legacy for the children who play in our school yards today, and their grandchildren who will someday follow after. We are dedicated to making sure we're ready for the needs of tomorrow as well as today, and appreciate your generosity and your support.



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