Admitting FAQs

1. What type of information should I bring with me when being admitted?
Identification cards are always needed when being admitted. Please make sure to have your driver's license, social security card, insurance card, and doctor's orders.

2. I have been a patient several times at the hospital. Why am I asked for identification cards and insurance cards each time I visit?
Your insurance and demographic information is retained in our computer system from your previous visits. However, insurance coverage can change frequently depending on employer group renewals, personal coverage choices, and particular reasons for the encounter such as workers compensation. Therefore, it is vital that we capture the correct insurance information for each visit so that we can obtain appropriate payment from your coverage plan.

3. What is Admitting/Registration?
Admitting/Registration is a process where you check in with us prior to having any procedure done at the hospital. You will need to do this every time you come into the hospital for a procedure, lab, x-ray, surgery, etc. This ensures that your demographic and insurance information for each appointment is complete and accurate. Please arrive approximately 15-30 minutes before your scheduled out-patient appointment.

4. Do I have to stop at Admitting every time I visit the hospital?
Yes. This way, we are able to verify both your demographic and insurance information with each visit.

5. Why is Admitting necessary?
The admitting process benefits everyone - patients, providers and insurance companies. This will allows us to update your information in our records and assist you in filing accurate information for your insurance company. Current information on your medical records allows your physician to contact you more easily, if necessary.

6. What information will I need to bring?
Please bring your current insurance card(s), driver license, and social security card. If your visit is related to an accident, worker's compensation, employment examination or other special purpose; be sure to bring copies of any pertinent forms your physician needs to complete. Please inform the Admitting Clerk whether your spouse works so that we can determine which insurance should be primary.

7. Why am I being asked for my insurance information again? My doctor should already have this information.
Physicians keep their own patient information because your health insurance coverage may be different for a physician than it is for hospital services. For these reasons, physicians and the hospitals keep separate health insurance information.



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