Walk with a Doc

Date: 4th Saturday of each month
Time: 8:30am-9:30am
Location: Atchison YMCA

Put on your walking shoes and take a big step toward better health with the Walk with a Doc program.

Join an Atchison Hospital physician on the 4th Saturday of the month for a 30-45 minute walk, starting at the Atchison YMCA. Before the walk, join us in the community room to enjoy a healthy snack and brief open discussion. Watch Facebook for announcements about which doctor is up next!

About the program

The Walk with a Doc initiative was made possible through a Pathways to a Healthy Kansas grant received by Live Well Live Atchison. Walk with a Doc will be held on the fourth Saturday of each month for 12 months, with a different doctor each month. Each event begins at the Atchison YMCA with a five-minute health information brief followed by a 30-45 minute walk, giving you a chance to ask questions and make new friends. During inclement weather, the walk will be inside.

An Atchison Hospital physician leads each session and new topics are covered each month. Walk with a Doc is free and doesn't require registration.

You can set your own pace and set your own distance. This isn't a race, but an opportunity to get outside and get going with others in the Atchison community who are interested in increasing their activity and improving their health.

Research has shown that participating in moderate exercise, like brisk walking, on regular basis delivers health benefits ranging from lowering blood pressure and cholesterol and increasing circulation to helping with weight control and reducing the risk of diabetes.


Walk with a Doc is a national program, started by Dr. David Sabgir, that encourages patients to incorporate physical activity into their lifestyle. There are more than 100 programs around the world. For more information about the Walk with a Doc program, visit walkwithadoc.org.


July 28
Provider: Dr. Norma Green
Topic: Vaccinations
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August 25
Provider: Dr. Brandon Tackett
Topic: Type 2 diabetes
View event

September 22
Provider: Latitia Guthals, APRN
Topic: Influenza
View event

October 27
Provider: Dr. Pamela Rizza
Topic: Pedestrian Safety
View event

November 17
Provider: Dr. Bonnie Tackett
Topic: Prenatal Care
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December 15
Provider: Dr. Molly VanPetten
Topic: End of Life Care
Time: 8:30am-9:30am
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January 26
Provider: Dr. Brandon Tackett
Topic: Diet/Exercise for Health and Weight Loss
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February 23
Provider: Diane Babcock, RN & Courtney Lewman
Topic: Risk FActors with Heart Health
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March 23
Provider: Bonnie Tackett, MD & Tara Hammerschmidt
Topic: Communicating with your doctor & accessing your medical
results instantly using the patient portal
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April 27
Provider: Michelle Pruessner, PAC
Topic: Depression/Anxiety
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May 25
Provider: TBA
Topic: TBA
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June 22
Provider: TBA
Topic: TBA
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