Pricing Transparency

At Atchison Hospital, we set our price for a service, or a set of services, with the use of a master list of services and prices. We call this list our "Chargemaster". This list shows the starting price of each service provided and the materials used in your care as our patient. These services and materials are also listed in your hospital bill.

The prices listed are the same for all patients of the hospital, no matter what kind of insurance program or coverage. Still, these prices do not reflect the price you may pay. Government insurance plans, like Medicare and Medicaid, do not pay these prices, but use their own set of prices and hospitals are required to accept those prices. Health insurance companies pay a price that is based on a contract. The prices they pay may not be the same prices on the Chargemaster list. Also, if you are insured, you may have other out-of-pocket expenses that include deductibles, copayments and coinsurance, as outlined in your insurance policy.

The following services charged to you may include:

  • Services or procedures that are done on an inpatient or outpatient basis

  • Physician orders for treatment based on his/her examination of you

  • A patient with multiple diseases or conditions, or complications

  • Surgical services/procedures

  • Treatment in the emergency department

  • Lab, imaging/radiology, or other tests

  • Medications and supplies used in your treatment

  • Room and board

  • Therapies, such as physical, occupational, speech, cardiopulmonary, or respiratory

The provided list of prices should not be used to accurately determine the final cost of your hospital stay. It is given for information only.

We promise to help you understand your cost(s) for medical services prior to receiving care. To be clear with pricing, we will work with you to find out what your Average Standard Charge* will be for a service or set of services done by Atchison Hospital and/or one of our employed providers#.

*Average Standard Charge is based off the Chargemaster and is our average price for a service or set of services given to a patient before discounts. Average Standard Charge can vary based on the materials and supplies used in a patient’s care at the time the service is performed by Atchison Hospital.

#Employed provider is a physician, advanced practice registered nurse, certified registered nurse anesthetist, or physician assistant who is employed by Atchison Hospital.

If you do not have insurance or will be paying for the entire service out of your pocket, we will provide an estimate of the Average Standard Charge from the Chargemaster. If you have insurance, we will work with you and your insurance company to help determine total out-of-pocket costs. To speak with one our Patient Financial Counselors for assistance with pricing, payment terms and healthcare financing options, please call 913-360-5533.  

This link provides the Chargemaster for services performed at Atchison Hospital and is updated at least annually on January 1st. Click to download the full list of services and prices in a machine readable format.

This pricing information only includes prices billed by Atchison Hospital and its employed providers. Additional charges from outside doctors may be included in your hospital bill. These would be charges for the service and care they performed for you while you were at Atchison Hospital. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Imaging/Radiology services and interpretations

  • Lab services

For questions on charges that you see on your bill from Atchison Hospital for services performed by an outside provider, please speak with someone from our billing department by calling 913-360-5526.  

Legal Disclaimer:  Listed charges do not constitute a contract and may change frequently.  Please contact Patient Accounting at 913-360-5533 for the most recent price.  



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