John Jacobson receives prestigious Donald A. Wilson Visionary Award

John Jacobson, Atchison Hospital CEO, received the prestigious Donald A. Wilson Visionary Award for 2018 at the Kansas Hospital Association's annual convention on September 6. This award recognizes individuals who have made outstanding, innovative contributions to the health care of their community.

John has been instrumental in developing key wellness programs and health partnerships in the Atchison community, including employee wellness programs and recent programs like Chef Alli and Walk With a Doc. Thank you, John, for your service to the Atchison community!

Health & Wellness Champions

from left: Aggie Asher, Social Services Manager, John Jacobson and Jennifer Brockhoff, Director Advanced Health Services.

Aggie was instrumental with the inception, growth and sustainability of Live Well Live Atchison. For several years her tenacity and leadership grew the program into a full-fledged organization with its own Director. It is now an extremely vital part of the Atchison Community. None of which would have happened without Aggie.

Jennifer Brockhoff's drive and vision for Health and Wellness, not only for Atchison Hospital, but for other Atchison Businesses and the Atchison Community. Her out-of-the box innovative thinking has brought many great initiatives and programs to our Community.

None of this would have been accomplished without the support, guidance and leadership of John Jacobson. Atchison is a better community because of his vision and direction.

Senior Team

from left: Gary Foll, Chief Financial Officer; Jill Wenger, Director Human Resources; John Jacobson, Chief Executive Officer, Sarah Bradshaw, Chief Nursing Officer, Dr. Norma Green, Chief Medical Officer and Karen Falk, Administrative Assistant.

Past & Current Board of Director Chairs

from left: Bill Thornton, Mark Windsor, John Jacobson, Bob Adrian and current Chair, Susan Myers.

Past & current Atchison Hospital BOD Chairs during John's tenure. With the exception of John, they are lined up in consecutive order starting from the left. John joined Atchison Hospital in March of 2014.

Current Members of the Board

from left: Steve Minnis, Secretary; Gus Griffin, Vice Chair; Todd Gigstad, Treasurer; John Jacobson, Susan Myers, Chairman; Lydia Funk and Larry Mears. Not present is Goldie Boldridge-Brown



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