CARES WOW Quarterly Award Winners Recognized

At Atchison Hospital and Clinics, we provide service and care in a number of ways to our patients, to family members and visitors and yes, even our co-workers. Whether it involves direct patient care, administrative services or hospitality and maintenance services, it is our goal to provide the best experience possible for everyone who walks through the doors of our facility.

Our CARES Behavior Standards are guidelines developed to assist us in building the kind of culture we want to have in our organization. A culture where patients' clinical and emotional needs will be met, and where our own staff will also feel valued and cared for.

CARES standards have been an integral part of our organization for several years; they are integrated into our daily work practices as well as our hiring and interview process, our new employee orientation and employee evaluations.

We have two established recognition programs with the CARES program. The On-the-Spot, peer to peer recognition and our CARES WOW recognition.

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3rd Quarter CARES WOW Award recipients

Allison Oswalt, LPN, Clinic
Emily Hanson, Pharmacist, Pharmacy
Gail Purcell, *LPN, Med/Surg
Nancy Thummel, RN, ED
Scott Dryden, Housekeeping, Aramark
Brandi Falk, ASCP Med Tech, Lab
Kibby Benson, * Resp Therapist, Cardio Pulmanary
Melissa Stephenson, Patient Acct Admit, ED
Christy Schuler, LPN, Clinic
Todd Forbes, Financial Analyst, IT
Theresa Miller, RN, ED
Amy Schmille, RN, OB
Joaquin Campos, Housekeeping, Aramark
Angie Henning, RN, OB
Blaine Oswald, RN, House Supervisor
Tanya Budine, RN, OB
Sloane Elias, RN, OB
Michelle Pruessner, PA-C, Clinic
Rita Keimig, LPN, Ortho Clinic
Connie Nuzum, RN, Med/Surg
Jessica Housh, Receptionist, Ortho/GS Clinic
Latitia Guthals, FNP-C, Clinic
Jami Fox, Medical Asst, Clinic
Amy Simmons, Medical Asst, Clinic
MaryAnn Higley, Laundry Attendant
Sherry Brown, RN, House Supervisor
Amy Folsom, Clinical Coordinator, Med/Surg
Dave Hess, Engineer, Plant Operations
Lisa Hopper, RN, Med/Surg
Tandy Lindstrom, RN, Med/Surg
Elizabeth K, RN, Med/Surg
Brad Hirst, PA, ED
Sarah Miller, Patient Acct Admit, ED
Heather Green, Nurse Aide, Med/Surg
Lucy Schletzbaum, RN, Med/Surg
Sharon Sowers, LPN, Med/Surg
Greta Meeks, RN, Med/Surg
Sarah Smallwood, Agency Nurse
Mark Webb, Agency Nurse
Debbie Aaron, Resp Therapist, Cardio Pulmanary
Lori Dowell, RN, ED
Katy Page, RN, ED
Angie Henning, RN, OB
Breanne Snyder, RN, OB
Kibby Benson, Resp Therapist, Cardio Pulmanary
Dr. Jonathan Leck, MD
Dr. McGarrett Groth, DO
Dr. Dina Seibert, DO
David Hart, CRNA, Surgery
Melissa Stephenson, Patient Acct Admit, ED
Amy Hall, RN, Med/Surg
Kim Barron, RN, ED
Nancy Thummel, RN, ED
Brooke Genail, MRI Tech, Radiology
Theresa Miller, RN, ED
Stacy Huffman, RN, Surgery
Amy Simmons, Med Asst, Clinic
Paige Schmidt, Centralized Scheduler
Courtney Lewman, Exercise Specialist, Cardiac Rehab
Diane Babcock, RN, Cardiac Rehab
Heather Birkinsha, Radiology Tech, Radiology
Alan Samuelson, Help Desk Analyst, IT

*Received two nominations this month



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