Hospital Upgrades

Atchison Kansas
October 12th 2004
Atchison Hospital, 1301 North Second Street
Contact: Michele Malone RN, 913-367-6616 or 913-367-2131 and page overhead


If you ask CEO John Jacobson why his hospital recently spent three quarters of a million dollars in equipment upgrades he's quick to respond "It's about putting the money where our commitment is- to safe, high quality patient care," says Jacobson, who has been the Atchison Hospital CEO for nearly 8 months.

"Like any hospital, we have ongoing needs for new equipment and new technology. In healthcare it gets expensive quickly, but it's essential to being the best possible community hospital", he adds. Says Atchison Hospital Board Chair William Thornton, "Our Board is very supportive of what John and his senior staff have recommended to us in order to assure we have a first class facility right here at home."

One of the first orders Jacobson gave was to replace the hospital's nearly 10 year old heart monitoring system- a much needed action that came with a hefty $280,000 price tag.

"We now have 9 Board certified cardiologists here, doing clinics in our Cardiology Center five days a week. We're launching a Nuclear Cardiology testing program here next month, are getting ready to roll out a special community program for women's heart health, and are recruiting for a full time cardiologist for Atchison. None of this progress is possible unless we stay up to date with the technology that supports it. We're simply meeting the needs of our community for excellence in cardiac care", says Jacobson. Heart monitor upgrades, as well as new defibrillators (devices that correct irregular heart rhythms and can save the lives of heart attack victims) are now in place in the Emergency Room, ICU, and Cardiac Rehab.

Other upgrades include all new equipment for the hospital's busy GI lab, as well as upgraded surgical instruments and sterilization equipment. Along with a new ventilator, blood gas machine, and a new radiological C- Arm that surgeons use to x-ray patients while they're having surgery, there's also a fluid warmer for trauma use and surgical needs, a breathalyzer for business health clients, and high quality specialty mattresses for ICU and Obstetrical patients.

"We plan to keep going, and pledge to continuously upgrade the hospital each year. Our financial position is stronger than it has been in many years, and we're committed to being a profitable up to date facility that is valued and used by this community, because that's what Atchison needs and deserves." says Jacobson. The hospital is holding an Open House for the community on Wednesday October 13th from 5-7 PM to showcase some of the recent improvements.



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