Atchison City Infant-Toddler Program

a tiny-k agency
800 Raven Hill Dr.
Atchison, KS. 66002
(913) 360-5523

Since 1995, Atchison City Infant-Toddler Program has provided services to children under three and their families. As a program of Atchison Hospital, with the Dream Team of Atchison County as advisors, the Infant-Toddler Program has provided services to more than 400 families. This legacy of caring continues today, with a more family-centered approach. "We now focus on coaching the family to give them the tools to make their everyday activities into learning opportunities," says Sherry Domann, Infant-Toddler Coordinator. "Families feel more confident in helping their children learn."

Children with developmental delays or medical conditions that may lead to a delay, as well as their families, can qualify for up to sixteen services ranging from developmental screenings to therapy services to early childhood special education. "Currently our team consists of family service coordinators, a speech therapist, a physical therapist, an occupational therapist, an early childhood special education teacher and consultants as needed," says Domann. "Everyone on the team brings their own unique expertise to support each family and help them meet their child's goals."

This family-centered approach has shown measurable improvements. Results from a recent survey of children in the program showed that 67% of those children in the program for at least two months had met some or all of the initial goals as set by their families. "Families have expressed satisfaction with program," says Domann. "Some of the comments we've received are: 'Everyone with Infant-Toddler has been great!; and ;They've really worked with us on what we can do with [our child].'

For more information about the Infant-Toddler Program, contact Joyce Allen, Program Director, at 913-360-5544, Sherry Domann, Infant-Toddler Coordinator, at 913-360-5523, or Camilla North, Program Assistant, at 913-360-5550.