Atchison Hospital

Building for the Future

Since 1912, Atchison Hospital has been providing the region's best medical care from its current location on North Second Street. We are taking health care to a new level as we opened the doors of a new, state-of-the-art Hospital in early 2010. The new Atchison Hospital is located at US Highway 73 and Raven Hill Road in South Atchison.

Features of Atchison Hospital

  1. Single-story facility design allowing for all departments to be in close proximity, increasing efficiency that is entirely patient focused.
  2. 25 private family friendly patient rooms each with their own bathroom; designed for patient comfort and privacy.
  3. The Emergency Department will have nine private rooms, as opposed to five and will have separate entry as well as dedicated parking.
  4. A four-bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU) located in the center of the Acute Care area. Each ICU room will have their own restroom and two of the rooms will be equipped to handle larger patients.
  5. Three new and much larger surgical suites with comfortable pre-op and post-op areas built to accommodate video and fiber-optic technology to perform minimally invasive surgery.
  6. A new Gastrointestinal (GI) Lab and an Infusion Services room are also new additions.
  7. Comfortable, hotel-like, family friendly OB rooms that accommodate all phases of having a baby. Nurse's stations located closer to patient's rooms and the technology that allows the nursing staff to observe the patient's bedside fetal monitor from the nurse's station.

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